About the Rolex Day Date type “you must know some things”

Rolex watches with the first week of the calendar is not a Day Date type

Rolex in 1956 released the first Day-Date Sunday Calendar-type watch, No. Ref.6511. This type of watch is 12 o’clock in the dial position, with a long window to achieve the display of the week, at the same time, the dial 3 o’clock position shows the date.

Prior to this, Rolex has actually decided to give up the production of complex function watches, and their earliest production with a calendar function of the watch is a moon phase table.

Rolex’s earliest day of the week type number Ref.6511, one year after the new Ref.6611 replaced. 6611 is the use of Rolex was the latest 1055 movement, with no gossamer gossamer, screw fine-tuning balance wheel. This also allows the early Rolex watches in the precision has been to maintain the advantage, and from the first week of the calendar-type watch, the dial will be engraved with “Superlative Chronometer Officially Certified (official certification of advanced precision time instrument)” message.

Cam and gemstone solve the precision problem

People have a watch for both a week and calendar functions, while ensuring the accuracy of the time the watch has been questionable on the issue. Mainly because the mainspring need to provide energy so that the normal rotation of the date wheel. First of all, when the last hour of the day is coming to an end, a lot of energy is concentrated in the rotation date plate, so there will be likely to affect the transmission between the other wheel; Secondly, said dial plate in the movement will cause friction, Thereby affecting the movement of the time; In addition, the instantaneous jump jump may occur less than the date of the situation or skip.

For the above power transmission problems, Rolex with a cam to solve. Every minute of the watch will be part of the energy stored in the cam, the last need to rotate the date plate, the cam release of energy. The friction between the date plate and the movement, Rolex by adding between them to solve the problem of precious stones.
Function from scratch, performance from weak to strong.

Earlier in the week of the calendar type watch does not stop seconds function, this function is in 1972 when it was added to the Rolex watch on this series. Stop seconds to ensure that the wearer in the adjustment of the watch time to ensure that the second hand is temporarily stopped, to achieve a more convenient and accurate adjustment of time.

Another change to the calendar-type watch is the use of a sapphire crystal. Also in the sixties of last century, sapphire watch began to watch the widely used. This material is not only not easy to scratch the table mirror, and once more than the traditional acrylic mirror case fit the case, providing a better waterproof performance. The early-Sunday calendar-type watches were 165 feet (50 meters) waterproof, while the current day-watch type watches are all 330 feet (100 meters).