Analysis of the new DEEPSEA diving watch

Beijing time on August 5 6:00 in the morning, Rolex official website has released a new product – DEEPSEA deep submarine watch. Oyster case, 44 mm, stainless steel, helium valve … … these are not surprising, and its equipped with “D-BLUE” blue and black gradient surface is shining. Oyster Perpetual Rolex Deepsea is the world’s professional marine diver’s choice of support, but also has decades of experience in the new generation of divers watch. This section is intended to James Cameron set a historic record of single dive salute. Color surface from the bright blue gradient deep black, to remember Cameron successfully reached the deepest point of the Earth – Mariana Trench to do. Here we follow the official map, together with the appreciation of this extraordinary at the same time people intoxicated watch.
And Deepsea another product M116660-0001 the most intuitive different is the disk gradient, blue over to black, to watch the injection of fresh vitality and extraordinary significance. There is the bottom of the material selected titanium material, the following will be said in detail. The price will naturally be higher than some of the corresponding, but not too much. Specific market reaction also have a period of observation, personal feeling this section of the popularity will not be bad, I personally still accept this new product.
On the surface of the innovative Chromalight luminous display, is an effective upgrade in the dark environment when the invention of a clear reading. This blue light display time is generally twice the luminous material. By the same luminous material, so that even the wearer in the dark seabed to do, is still able to clearly read the outer ring was triangular zero mark.
Rolex in 1967 to obtain the patent safety valve, as the mini-decompression chamber watch, for deep diving activities is essential.
After the dive professional divers, must first go to the decompression chamber inhalation of helium-containing gas mixture. In the decompression chamber, helium, this extremely light and unstable gas can penetrate every corner, even within the watch.

It is released in the watch faster than the cabin decompression is slow, so trapped inside the watch pressure is relatively large, which may lead to irreparable damage. Taking into account a variety of factors, Rolex engineers have developed a spring-loaded helium valve: when the watch inside and outside with more than 3 to 5 bar pressure difference, the valve will open to let the helium release, and watch the waterproof performance at this time Will not be affected.
▲ RINGLOCK system

Rely on the unique Ringlock system, for the Rolex Deepsea has an extraordinary strong, waterproof and pressure performance. The innovative Rolex patented case structure allows the watch to withstand up to 3,900 meters (12,800 feet) of strong water pressure, equivalent to about 3 tons of pressure. System consists of three elements: the system’s focus is nitrogen alloy stainless steel ring, and the thickness of 5 mm arched blue crystal glass, and 5 titanium alloy bottom cover complement each other.
▲ Rolex GLIDELOCK extension system

Patented Glidelock extension system allows divers to wear wetsuit without the use of any tools can easily adjust the strap to experience a stable and comfortable watch to wear feel. The fastened toothed part can be extended to 20 mm by 2 mm per section.
▲ titanium metal bottom cover

Two case design helps Rolex Deepsea to resist the enormous pressure caused by water depth. First of all, a solid titanium case back due to high hardness but flexibility of the titanium alloy this ingenious material, so watch can withstand deep sea pressure and without loss. In addition, the water pressure itself helps the three main components of the Ringlock system to fit more closely, making the case bottom cover tighter as the water depth closes and producing the ability to fully seal the case.