Daytona ceramic circle,Rolex fans long-awaited watch

2016 Rolex ceramic ring launched Daytona can be said to have been a long-awaited workmanship watch, really wistfully, as early as 2011, Rolex in the rose gold section 116515LN, and the 2013 50th anniversary of limited edition platinum platinum 116506 The application of the ceramic bezel, when many people in the fantasy when Rolex launch ceramic ring steel section Daytona, but Rolex is always turn a blind eye, according to their own plans, no matter how the market consumers flirtatious. Finally, in the 2016 Basel Watch Fair, Rolex introduced this ceramic ring section Daytona, this 116500LN ceramic ring Daytona is the watch of the watch highlights one of the watch.


Rolex Daytona was born in 1963, when Rolex assembly except for Daytona watch, coincides with the United States Daytona racing event opening, Rolex watches which will be selected to compete as a competition designated timing device, the final was selected, This is also the name of the Daytona series of sources. Rolex Daytona has experienced 53 years of history, still has a classic design, in line with Rolex’s consistent style, evolutionary iteration instead of revolution, which is Rolex hedge, the main reason for the large number of classic.

The difference between old and new models

Back to today’s protagonist, steel ceramic ring Daytona, the domestic offer for 95,000 yuan, more expensive than the old paragraph Daytona, little difference from the physical hardware compared to the old and new two Daytona watch, the only The obvious difference is the different bezel, ceramic bezel is the new Daytona biggest bright spot.

Whether it is a do not understand Daytona, I still want to talk about some of the parameters of the new ceramic ring Daytona, is still the overall casting of the integrated 904L stainless steel case, 40 mm diameter design, still with screw-in time button, Familiar with the crown or triple lock, still waterproof 100 meters, still use the same surface.

The new cosmic-type Daytona watch with 904L steel solid chain Oyster strap, strap with Oyster insurance buckle to prevent accidental opening with a buckle. Buckle is also installed on the Rolex patent easy to adjust the link, this extension device cleverly designed to enable the wearer to extend the strap about 5 mm, in all cases are more comforwatch to wear.


Watch is still equipped with internal self-produced 4130-type Rolex self-winding movement, and the old section Daytona, this movement is entirely manufactured by the Rolex R & D, the structure of the movement completely innovative, cohesion Rolex craftsmanship, greatly streamlined The number of timer components, and now due to Rolex than COSC stricter than their own top-level Observatory certification, the new Daytona accuracy of less than two seconds per day or less, there are five-year warranty.

Summary: Overall this is a good watch, but because of the market distribution problems, there are a lot of watch friends anxious to want to start from other markets through purchasing, because the supply is less than demand so the price is all the way up, my suggestion is that if Really want to start a friend may wish to wait, up to another 2 months there is the domestic market Distribution, even when the domestic goods will not be re-purchased at the time and then purchasing Daigou.