Rolex Oyster Perpetual Calendar 40 Calendar

A little research on the watch, should know that the existence of Rolex watches, this watch since its inception in 1956, it has been in Europe and America by many political and business people, and even the favorite of the Head of State, is prominent The support of the choice. So also known as the “President of the watch” or “heads of watch”, like Kennedy, Ford, Reagan, Nixon and Roosevelt, who have worn this has the king of the gas, the wind of the watch. This Rolex Oyster Perpetual Calendar type 40 calendar watch Xiuwaihuizhong, attractive, unique olive green disk is no doubt very compelling, giving a gentle demeanor. Watch official model: 228235.

Week calendar watch why evergreen?
In 1956, Rolex watches in Basel introduced the first week of the calendar-type watch, in the next 60 years, Rolex constant pursuit of improvement and innovation, so that today’s calendar-type watch is still a model of the distinguished watch. In addition to a long history, in 1956 the advent of the Oyster Perpetual Calendar Calendar-type watch to achieve a remarkable innovation: it is the world’s first calendar window at both 12 o’clock position and display the full calendar of the week to write the watch , Which at the time was a great technological achievement, in order to adapt to global trends, but also equipped with 26 languages ​​to choose from.

Week calendar watch why evergreen, I think is based on Rolex’s three pillars – the first waterproof automatic winding astronomical Observatory certified watch, equipped with instantaneous jump week calendar, the small window in the dial and display the date of the full week . Accurate, reliable, easy to read and enough style, so this watch to countless heads of state, leaders and dreamers want to wear the watch come out on top. As a model of distinguished watch, 60 years later, Day-Date is still evergreen.

A new generation of constant movement, your precision when the level of where?

Week calendar type 40 fully developed by Rolex, a new generation of 3255-type movement, the level of precision when they show here. I think this self-winding mechanical movement can be called the pinnacle of watchmaking skills – the movement has 14 patents, precision, power reserve, reliability, seismic, magnetic, and the adjustment process is simple Degree and other aspects are very good, showing the Rolex constant pursuit of the perfect level.

Rolex in order to better display the level of precision timepieces, research and development of new methods and high-tech equipment to simulate the real life of the wearer to test the precision of the wearer, 3255 movement accuracy than the official identification of recognized timepieces Of the daily use of the standard twice as high. In addition to these unique timing tests, all Rolex movements are systematically sent to the Swiss precision timepieces test center for certification. This movement is also equipped with a new Rolex patent Chronergy escapement, so that 3255 will consume less energy, can provide a full 70-hour power reserve; balance wheel can be said to be the heart of mechanical movement, with the Rolex special improvement of the blue Parachrom hairspring, in the earthquake than the average hairspring ten times higher; the movement is also equipped with a Parachrom hairspring variable inertia balance wheel, precision operation, but also have a strong anti-magnetic properties .

Rose gold and olive green this male watch look good?

To tell the truth, I think this watch only “good-looking” is not enough to describe, rose gold case and olive green dial with the effect of really make me shine the feeling. Speaking of dial, in fact, Rolex is very good at the use of color, such as the smash hit “green water ghost”, it is absolutely unique green. The use of this is not common olive green dial, so watch easier to identify, easier to read. As for the case, the calendar type 40 watch is used in the Rolex foundry factory to create 18ct eternal rose gold, and for this pink alloy patented. Since the launch in 2005, 18ct eternal rose gold will be used in the manufacture of Rolex Oyster watch pink gold models.

Olive green dial and eternal rose gold material case cooperation is simply perfect, it can be said to create a new classic dial. Pointer, dial text, the 12-point logo and the crown of the great sense of the Roman numerals, such as sculpture are all rose gold material to create, and the dial color in stark contrast to completely show the noble and elegant qualities, looks texture Full.

Head of the advanced strap in the end where?

To say that this watch, you can not fail to mention the unique shape of the head-shaped strap. This head-type bracelet is made of precious metal with three rows of semi-circular links, especially for the 1956 Oyster Perpetual Calendar-style watch, which is once again integrated into the latest styles and In the chain embedded ceramic components, making it more flexible and durable. Under the outer ring with hidden components, to ensure that the strap and case to achieve seamless visual effects.

Rolex strap and buckle design, development and production processes, as well as the need to pass the rigorous testing are fully applied advanced technology. Like other components of the watch, the strap and the buckle will also look through the same person to ensure that the production beautiful and flawless.

Summary: This is a perfect timepiece recognized by the president, the leader and the elite of all walks of life, is a symbol of excellence and fame, it not only has a sculptural luxury appearance, as well as the week calendar beating accurate readability . Elegant and exquisite design pleasing to the eye, a new generation of constant movement to show the level of precision timepieces, with the exclusive head of the type of strap, which is any other watch can not be compared.