How to identify Rolex watches?

First, look at the strap
1, the general counterfeit Rolex strap relatively rough work, especially between the more obvious gold will appear between the gold-plated edge of the bad deal.
2, genuine gold strap in the case of bending can be seen relatively thick section, the thickness is not uniform, and fake thickness is the same.
3, the real gold between the middle part of the gold strap and the outer part of the steel is parallel, feels feels smooth, and fake gold part of the steel than the outer part of the touch to feel a little lower detail the transition sense .
4, most of the counterfeit Rolex position in the clasp will not lettering.
Second, look at the case structure
1, the biggest feature of counterfeit replica watches case is often “mix and match”, different models of the series often mix and match together to make up a new product, the reason they are estimated to do so in order to reduce costs.
2, and some counterfeit Rolex also printed on the back of the case does not match the material description, such as some of the steel will be printed between the gold material.
Third, see dial true and false
Counterfeit Rolex watch dial on rough there are many, such as diamonds of different sizes, position missing. Luminous point of the missing position, calendar box and dial on the missing, and some glass iris printed above the production serial number.

Fourth, laser anti-counterfeit labels
1, Rolex since 2002 in the sapphire crystal mirror on the six o’clock direction of etching a small sign, this sign is very small, need to use a magnifying glass or eyepiece can be seen, if it is with the S logo instructions The mirror has been replaced.
2, the real thing Rolex mirror logo is composed of 152 points from the match head part is 7 points, the opening circle for 14 points. Because the fine workmanship false table is not the point.

Fifth, distinguish between true and false head
1, the real Rolex head, round more like a laugh in the mouth so-called “open laugh”, while the counterfeit due to process problems to the “closed shade mouth”, the contrast can be easily identified come out.