How to identify the true and false Rosdn watches ?

How to identify the true and false Rosdn watches ? Rosdn is the new brand star in China, if you want to buy Rosdn watches, then you had better pay attention, and now the market has a lot of fake products, you do not know how to distinguish between true and false, then it is easy to be deceived to buy a rolex replica.

1, the back cover of true watch is not only has this model, but also the body number will have carved up at the following,the body numbers are not the same for each one, and the fake watch only has a same number. You can take this number to check fuselage airframe number and check the number on the watch of warranty card, the model and the body number of real watch should be consistent with the warranty card.

2, the appearance can be checked from the housing, table mirror, dial and hours seconds and so on. Case has no trachoma and obvious scratches, angular symmetry; and on the back cover of the shell should be tightly screwed; the distance is equal for two tables ring with watch-case,the ears Juan holes should be centered in the case of the rear foot position and don’t unbiased,the depth of hole is appropriate and don’t easy to fall off the table ring.

3, watch dial needles should be flexible, reliable and uniform rotation pointer. Check the tightness of the inspection should focus on the minute wheel axle and the center of friction with. When the dial needles, without feeling tight or loose side, indicating that is normal for sub-wheel friction and refueling amount, and vice versa, dial needle has mechanical malfunction.

4, Check your watch head: the branded watch has impressed the trademark letters.there is no letter on fake watches head table,although some letters mark, but mostly very thick vague.