How to maintain Rolex ?

Now relative to our common quartz watch mechanical watches need more appropriate maintenance, because the mechanical watch is more susceptible to some external factors can cause some problems in the watch. The following Rolex repair – Jing Shi Hengda watches repair center of professional technicians to give us a detailed explanation about this knowledge. Hope to help you.
(A) maintenance and repair recommendations
1, in order to ensure the normal operation of your watch and accurate, we recommend that regular maintenance of your watch
2, the watch once a year, waterproof test and appearance of cleaning.
3, mechanical movement of the watch, every 3 to 5 years to do a machine maintenance.
4, so that not only watch is always in good running condition, but also effectively extend its service life. However, the above maintenance service is only applicable to watches worn under normal circumstances, and does not include wristwatches that are not worn or subjected to constant impact.
(B) the use of mechanical watches recommendations
1, manual winding movement of the watch should be wound up at the same time every day once, so watch the next 24 hours have enough energy to operate.
2, automatic winding movement of the watch, its energy comes from the movement of the wearer’s arm, it is normal to wear without manual winding, only because of the wearer’s movement is not enough to add enough energy to the winding, the manual winding Method to make up, and winding crown control rotation in less than 20 laps.
3, more than 40 hours have never worn automatic winding watch, should be re-wearing, the crown rotation 20 laps to re-start the movement of the drive system.
4, in order to prevent moisture penetration into the case and to maintain the waterproof performance of the watch, please ensure that the crown is locked at all times.
(C) mechanical watch the use of precautions
1, watch the day without water.
4, in case of calendar watches need to adjust the date, please adjust the calendar to the date you need the day before, then turn the clock to adjust the date, when the needle after midnight 12:00 when the date will change, so to avoid direct adjustment of the date Resulting in day and night confusion.
5, in case of complex functions of the watch, please read the special instructions attached to the calendar, week, moon phase adjustment Do not watch the time between 21:00 PM-3:00AM operation, during which the calendar function is in operation, But also when the gear meshing low, frequent action will damage the internal parts of the watch.
2, the calendar calendar lattice, due to the grid is divided into two different speed, the first within ± 5 minutes to complete the calendar tab, the second in 3 hours to complete the calendar tab.
3, in case of using a screw-type crown of the watch, not hard pull, please counter-clockwise rotation to open the lock of the crown, the adjustment time, the crown clockwise rotation and push into the lock.