How to recover Rolex watches

Recently, many customers asked me to keep the value of Rolex? Rush watches do not have any discounts, unlike many watches have a lot of discounts or specials, but if you buy a watch as an investment that is wrong, the watch is, after all, consumer goods,

How could it be expected to invest? Rolex in these two meanings are very successful, the store price, in other brands are collective diving when Rolex did not drop rise. The most valuable is the second-hand market, Rolex so many years, the price has been stable at a level.

If a watch of good maintenance, basic start and no difference between the shot, equal to your hands when wearing a white, this is a rare thing. Why is Rolex so sure? First of all, I think with the market regulation, bought the watch people understand that the price of Rolex is very strong, you in any of the world’s regular watch shop to buy Rolex are no discount. Including internal channels,

Discounts are very few. New watch market prices firm, second-hand market natural price stability. Second, Rolex product quality and aftermarket are very secure, which virtually give the second-hand market to add confidence. Coupled with its own simple, accurate and durable, but also more to meet the needs of consumers. The most important thing is that the Rolex product line is very stable, that several classic models have never made a big adjustment.

New products out less, means that the existing products are not eliminated, which is the most fundamental reason for the preservation. For the above reasons, Rolex secured the first car chair. But not all models can reach such a point, the second-hand market, the basic hot DJ and water ghost-based, Di Dayong also considered a hot one. And, basically only the steel style will be hedge, Rolex gold watch is not so good market.