Know the Rolex green glass

The so-called Rolex green glass is actually green blue crystal glass. Rolex green glass can be said to be another Rolex initiative, the following give you about Rolex green glass, which is Rolex ROLEX-MILGAUSS series 116400GV-72400 male form.

Rolex Green Glass: Knowing Rolex Milgauss

Rolex Milgauss was born in 1956, designed for scientific research, can resist up to 1,000 Gauss magnetic density. Watch for the European Center for Particle Physics in Geneva (CERN) scientists worn by the known. After years of research, in 2007 introduced a new generation of Rolex Milgauss equipped with several innovative parts, more effective resistance to magnetic impact on the movement, thereby enhancing the reliability of the watch.
Rolex 116400GV, table friends commonly known as “green glass.” Often been fine fine Road is that the green table mirror and orange lightning pointer, for its strong anti-magnetic properties of the question is not a lot, after all, now schedule life is also difficult to access to a great magnetic field, but Rolex wrist The spirit of exploration and tireless efforts of the table are obvious to all. Any breakthrough in technology and innovation are the use of mechanical watches human nature against another bold attempt, and only in the continuous progress and innovation of the slow journey, we will gradually strong up.

Rolex green glass: ROLEX-MILGAUSS series 116400GV-72400 male form

Black surface, in the white hour markers, especially at 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock and 9 o’clock position of orange luminous hour markers. With blue tints of green blue crystal glass, showing light reflection, so that display more clearly, with a green tone of the romantic atmosphere. Watch the perfect convergence of people can not help a kind of tall on the style, all of a sudden was attracted.

Rolex Milgauss116400GV watch fully developed by the Rolex self-winding movement of the 3131 type. Like all constant movement, 3131 movement has also been recognized by the Swiss official accreditation certification, its structure and all oyster-like movement, with unparalleled reliability.