Luxury classic Rolex log type 41 watch

Jin Gang, as the name suggests is a combination of gold and steel, gold luxury noble, it is desirable. Stainless steel is solid and reliable, showing men’s tough feelings. The integration of these two materials, which means that the combination of the two excellent qualities to show the classic luxury of luxury and luxury. Rolex as a real distinctive signs, as early as 1930 in the replica watches uk has its traces, to the official registered trademark in 1933 the name, Oyster Hengshun series will have a gold watch.

Covered with Rolex is full of the most unique DNA

Gold steel case display
Watch 41 mm gold steel case by the 18ct gold triangle pendulum bezel and 904L stainless steel middle case combination made of excellent material highlights the strong elegance and perfect ratio. After grinding, the two metals exudes two different shiny, bringing the watch the most unique watch experience.

Champagne gold dial
The unique champagne gold dial is made of 18ct gold to show luxury and elegance. Golden time scale and golden hour and minute hand are covered with fluorescent part, even in a dark environment can observe the time, adding the readability of the watch.

“Water drop” date amplification device
This watch also set up Rolex has always been the use of “water droplets” 2.5 times the date of the device to facilitate the observation of the date, as one of the characteristics of Rolex, it also deepened the watch brand recognition.

Watch crown display
18k gold crown on the chain, after processing lines smooth and natural, feel good. The use of non-slip texture design, making the operation when the crown is not slippery hand. Crown engraved with the top of the logo, add a brand for the unique charm of the watch. As we all know, watch the most easy place to go in the crown and the back cover, but this watches has a screw-in double lock double waterproof system for the watch excellent waterproof performance extra points.

Watch the ear show
With 904L stainless steel to create a good sense of the shape of the ear, the gold bracelet and gold watch case perfectly connected together for the watch to add the overall beauty, very beautiful.

3235 movement
Watch carrying screw-in bottom cover, using a dense design, a good protection of the safety of the movement. Using the brand R & D 3235 self-winding movement, through the top of the Observatory certification, in precision, dynamic storage and stability has been greatly improved. With about 70 hours of power reserve, watch water depth of 100 meters.

Watch strap display
The gold bracelet has a commemorative five-row chain section, beautiful layout, classic. With the classic Rolex watch insurance folding clasp, 5 mm easy to adjust the chain extension system, through the fine-tuning makes the watch wear more comfortable, is the excellent human innovation.