Rolex Classic Chellini Series 50519 White Watch

Each Rolex watch is the perfect combination of professional and technical craftsmanship.

Rolex has a dedicated casting, developed a high quality 18ct gold alloy. Rolex Chelini series of white watch to keep the watch in order to maintain the beauty of the watch, Rolex in its foundry to create 18ct eternal rose gold, this Rolex Chelini series 50519 white watch, the dial decorated with silver radiation pattern And with the blue dial on the same day, the same ornaments decorated with stitching crocodile crocodile leather strap, showing the most pure traditional style. Round arched blue crystal mirror under the silver dial, with a pointer calendar display plate set at 3 o’clock position, by constant action swing Tuo for two-way automatic winding, with the appropriate dress, it is particularly noble and elegant.

Watch equipped with replica Rolex 3165-type movement, the movement into the case, the time error of not more than two seconds. In addition, this series of watches by the top of the Observatory precision timepieces, by the Swiss precision time test center (COSC) certification and after assembly by the Rolex certified.

After all, the relentless pursuit of perfection, Rolex has always insisted, so in the details, must be better. Do not worry about wearing suits when there is no suitable Rolex watch with, Celini series is a correct choice.