Rolex datejust series gentleman experience

 Rolex datejust series of watches available in 1945, he used the “Oyster case, five beads chain”, gives a gentleman’s sense of the Rolex datejust series watch a highlight and characteristics.

Rolex datejust series came out in the background

In honor of the victory of the people of the world in the anti-fascist war. Rolex watch company specifically introduced a new type of watch, that is, we often say that Rolex datejust series watches, it is very memorable. He let people remember this moment, tell people that world peace is not easy.
Rolex datejust series to show the unique quality

Rolex datejust series highlights the timeless and elegant temperament and Thatcher’s remarkable demeanor. Her production philosophy is equipped with the highest quality materials and the process of excellence, Rolex datejust series of advanced technology to produce, with good performance, indifferent, in the production of each piece of Rolex datejust series of watches have to undergo rigorous testing, including Appearance observation, performance testing and punctual testing and other links to ensure accurate and reliable performance in order to enter the market, Rolex datejust series is not only a Rolex watch model and logo, but also the world watches Extreme, reflects the value of long-lasting philosophy, at the same time But also the first to show the breath of life and taste of the classic symbol.
Log-type Rolex datejust series

Log-type Rolex datejust series 1945 edition and 2009 edition, 1945 edition diameter of 36mm, the material is mainly made of gold and steel, it is elegant design and small window convex as the symbol, is the world’s most easily identified Watches, is the most famous masterpiece, the 2009 version of the log type Rolex datejust series watches, the main material is stainless steel, the man wears up more atmosphere, her diameter is 41 mm, more generous and generous, she inherited the previous one Version of the traditional and features, she is now the classic watch strength, reflects the fashion life, but also the world’s first waterproof display window, reflects the classic inheritance and technological innovation charm.
Female rolex datejust series

She also inherited the 1945 classic version, and the use of the current school technology innovation, this female table embodies the beauty of the intoxicating gesture and incomparable enthusiasm, the integration of modern style of color and material, and inherit the Rolex Ladies traditional elegance Style, her material is mainly stainless steel inlaid gold, highlighting a gentle elegance and elegance and demeanor.