Rolex Datejust series

Datejust was introduced in 1945, also used Oyster case, five beads chain belt, a very gentleman style, but was designed with gold material, until 1955 was added to, and still in use, as a Datejust Features.
In 2009, Rolex finally Datejust comprehensive upgrade, mainly in the size and movement on the changes, including the original 36mm once upgraded to the modern male form of 41mm, but interestingly, the original 36mm size is still continuing production . In addition, the design of the past bezel, in the new version of Datejust II is enlarged to a feature, the main reason is the case magnification, will inevitably make the bezel with bold, however, Datejust II only with engraved version, as Not engraved ring style, can only be selected from the original Datejust.
One of the most important upgrades, of course, Datejust II’s new movement 3136, the first equipped with Paraflex shock absorber, is the second following the Parachrom, the new movement of the escapement parts, Rolex said, Paraflex overall components are related to the past Gabriel shock absorber is exactly the same, but in the top of the shock absorber to cover the structure of different shapes, the lines are calculated after careful study of the conclusions obtained by the shock absorber than in the past five percent higher Ten performance.
Datejust II chain with a comprehensive three-stage design, the original five-bead-style is no longer see the buckle with easy to adjust the patented Glidelock system, to facilitate the fine details of the wearer. The introduction of the silver face plate, green time standard style, Datejust II is the most visual effect of a past, Rolex never marked what style is a commemorative version, most only with the new launch, such as 16610LV, 116718LN, 118348, etc. Etc., but many can be found from the different face plate design. But this section is the Datejust launch of the first 64 years, may not really have any commemorative significance, but the collection market, Rolex’s special design is valuable, Datejust II is the most worthy of consideration.
Maintenance of common sense
1, please do not watch and magnetic objects are close to each other;
2, in case of water (air) should be immediately sent to the maintenance point of cleaning, so as not to rust movement;
3, if the table back with a protective sheet or stickers attached, please use them before they peel off, otherwise the sweat will penetrate the bottom of the paper, resulting in table back rust;
4, do not touch the various solvents and various types of chemical watches, or watch case, etc. will be due to erosion and discoloration, corrosion;
5, watch (only quartz watch) in the normal temperature 5 ° C ~ 35 ° C range can be stable and accurate operation, the temperature exceeds 50 ° C will lead to battery leakage or shorten battery life. Do not leave the watch in a low temperature of -10 ° C for a long period of time, as air-conditioning will cause the time to go slow or go fast, when the watch returns to normal temperature, run back to normal;