Rolex Deepsea D-Blue dive watch

We all know Rolex rarely published commemorative edition or limited edition watch, but in 2014 an exception to celebrate James Cameron (James Cameron) (“Avatar” and “Titanic” director) to conquer Mariana The Deep Sea Challenge launched a new edition of the Deepsea “D-Blue” dive watch, even breaking their decades-old tradition of releasing new watches outside Basel. Even the brand’s new president also admitted that this is an unprecedented approach to Rolex. While the public that the Rolex only need to maintain their timepieces for the consistent rigorous, refined Huai, durable and other Huai, he hopes to bold innovation, take the initiative to meet the market. As Rolex and James Cameron director of the partnership, challenge the human to the depths of the field to explore the feat, also cited Rolex yearning for innovation, beyond the limits of the spirit.
Features One: two-color small disc allusions

The new Deepsea “D-Blue” features a two-color gradient plate compared to the previous version of the all-black face plate, which is a tribute to James Cameron’s deep-sea adventure. The face plate from the blue to black gradient draws to the sea dive into the ocean after the light gradually disappear in the abyss caused by the concept of color change. In addition, there is a small bright spot is located below the face plate with yellow-green “DEEPSEA” words, referring to Cameron was riding submarine color.
Features: diving table of the leading position

Rolex for the production of professional-style watches are quite single-handedly, their home diving table performance in the table altar is the same group. Since the introduction of the Sea-Dweller in 1967 after repeated breakthrough in water depth, respected by professional divers. The new Deepsea “D-Blue” diving watch up to 3,900 meters of waterproof performance also broke the industry diving watch records. This is due to the revolutionary Ringlock System Rolex case structure, composed of three parts of the system and the middle case firmly clasped, and the middle case in particular, solid 904L steel casting, extremely difficult to corrosion. Three buckle on the chain crown has three waterproof ring, like the submarine door tighten the case, to ensure that the case of perfect waterproof performance.
Features three: tailored for the divers

Deepsea watches have a design for the professional divers, that is, the strap has a double extension of the system. Oyster discount extension chain can extend the strap 26 mm, while the Rolex Glidelock system is 2 mm per step can be fine-tuning the length of the strap, the maximum extension of about 20 mm. Even wearing a 7 mm thick diving suits, still wearing comfortable.