Rolex first generation GMT-Master watches

Brand Introduction
Rolex is the Swiss watch industry’s classic brand. Rolex initial mark is a palm of a finger, it said the brand’s watch is entirely by hand crafted, and later evolved into the crown of the registered trademark, to show its dominance in the field of watches , Showing the Rolex watch industry in the imperial gas. 20 years of the 20th century, the Rolex company to develop the first waterproof watch, in 1926, Rolex Oyster (Oyster) waterproof watch official registration.

Rolex, solemn, practical, not flashy style popular successful people favorite, the US NBA star Shaquille O’Neal once gave his teammates 24 Rolex, Hong Kong Chief Executive Tung Chee-hwa wrist is also a dignified and elegant steel Rolex . “Britney” Britney Spears had her husband bought a value of 65,000 pounds of Rolex watches, combined with about 80 million yuan. Rolex
In the international market, an ordinary Rolex watch prices ranging from $ 1,000 to $ 15,000, although expensive, but people still think value for money, not only because of the quality of Rolex sophisticated, but also because it has a unique investment value. Rolex antique table “defensive” ability. 2002, held in Geneva, an auction, a Vietnamese Emperor Bao Dai last worn in 1952 models Rolex watches calendar at the Geneva auction had taken 342,000 Swiss francs (then about 235,400 US dollars), together More than 200 million yuan. Explorer type oyster table is the first piece of Mount Everest watch, is the brand’s entry-level products, priced at about 39,300 yuan.

Rolex second-hand market in the country is also very hot market, Rolex precision and high durability, attracting numerous users, often in the clock circle, Rolex fans often use a word to describe Rolex: a “labor” .

In the 20th century era of mechanical watches, Rolex has been a leader in the global watch industry. Today, the superior technology and technology still makes the Rolex watch industry maintained a leading position. At present, Rolex in the world more than 20 large cities with branches, annual production of about 1 million, sales of Swiss watch industry leader.

Rolex’s various pictures (9 photos) Rolex’s official website in many watches and clocks company website is the leader, home music is a seventies in the United States is very popular songs, sub-page using the tide of sound, included in the FLASH, The latest use of 3D browsing technology, allowing network visitors a full range of appreciation and understanding of a Rolex watch, and Rolex’s business miracle, the site also shows the excellent style of business operators.
product description

The first generation of Rolex GMT-Master watches, manufactured in 1954. Its most prominent features, in addition to using the “Mercedes-Benz needle” and the tip with a large triangle of the second hand, but also the use of special made of artificial rubber bezel. Rolex initially chose the purpose of this material, one durable, and then there will not be because of reflection and affect the pilot’s attention. Beginning in 1956, Rolex began to use metal to manufacture the part of the bezel (such as the 1675 gold material second hour bezel), and then later began to use ceramic materials to create.
Case, diameter 39 mm, thickness 13 mm, case number 355863, model 6542, manufactured in 1959, double time zone, the central second hand, self-winding, waterproof, stainless steel three-piece case, polished and frosted, Table back and crown, 24 hours display second time zone bezel made of artificial rubber, with red and black two colors, respectively, said day and night, sapphire crystal mirror with a date magnifying glass, black dial, luminous material dot, And the triangular time scale, “Mercedes” needle, stainless steel Rolex Oyster strap, with original watch box and warranty certificate (now expired).
【Movement Configuration】
1030 rhodium-plated movement, 25 rubies, linear lever escapement, single metal balance wheel with 5-way precision correction, shock absorber, self-compensating Breguet-type hairspring, fine adjustment device, butterfly pendulum, dial, case And movement are with a signature.