Rolex rolex Oyster Constant Dynamic Submarine Series 114060 Black Machine Mechanical Male Watch

Rolex’s submarine type in the country’s fiery degree would have to say, in many Rolex, the famous “water ghost” can be regarded as the first card. In 1953 launched the submarine type, is the world’s first waterproof 100 meters deep watch. And after the brand by the three buttons on the chain lock crown, so that the water depth further increased to 300 meters. Exposure to the ocean, it is an indispensable tool for divers; living on land, it is widely supported and show elegant style sports watch.
The most popular diving wrist watch trolley Rover type no calendar watch

This is not the calendar of the “water ghost” as “water ghost” series of the most expensive entry section, for the new entry into the watch, it can be said is the best choice.
Pure black dial, Mercedes-Benz pointer and time scale
Surface with a pure black dial, Mercedes-Benz pointer and the standard or continuation of the submarine-type classic feeling. Chromalight shows the use of blue luminous material, in the same brightness environment, the blue light can continue to light up to 8 hours, more than the general fluorescent material more than doubled the time.
3130 self-winding movement
Triangle pit bottom cover by the Rolex watchmaker with special tools to tighten, so that the case completely sealed. Equipped with Rolex’s own self-developed 3130-type self-winding movement, the movement of Parachrom gorgeous flow, help to resist the impact of impact and temperature changes. Its structure and all Oyster movement the same, with unparalleled reliability.