Rolex Sea-Dweller 4000 come out

In the seventies, the divers dive record innovation, and in response to human dive deeper, wear wrist watches and other equipment also have to be able to withstand the higher pressure of the bottom of the demand. Released in 1967, Rolex Oyster Perpetual Sea-Dweller watch, adding a patented deep dive important device: helium valve, so watch the water depth jumped to 2000 feet in one fell swoop (610 meters), followed by 1978 Sea- Dweller 4000 come out, the water depth of 4000 feet, equivalent to about 1220 meters. The principle of helium valve is because the diver back to the surface from the sea must first decompression in the hyperbaric chamber for tens of hours, and most of the cabinets of gas composed of helium, in order to allow the gas pressure from the watch release , Not because of rapid pressure changes in table Biao accumulation of bubbles suddenly burst way to instantly release, so set the helium valve in the table side, so that table pressure will be exceeded when the gas will automatically release.
Sea-Dweller 4000 official called the modern version, water depth and the same in 1967 to 4000 feet, the appearance of course, or the classical style of water ghosts, screw-in bottom cover with a special tool to lock the crown for the patent triple waterproof system , And by the middle table and even as one of the shoulder protection to avoid collision, even the words on the dial are almost exactly the same. However, with the era has leap 30 years, the watch section of the application of the technology naturally can not be said with the language, including wear-resistant scratch Cerachrom ceramic bezel, even by ultraviolet radiation will not change color, minute scale on the bezel PVD coating technology into the platinum film: black dial inlaid with Chromalight luminous material of the three-dimensional time scale and time-pointer, will be issued in the dark lasting blue light; movement is equipped with niobium zirconium alloy paramagnetic blue Parachrom Gossamer, even in the face of severe temperature is still extremely stable, seismic force is 10 times higher than the traditional gossamer.

Strong waterproof performance is not only for the watch itself, the chain belt also has the corresponding supporting design, the double extension system includes up to an additional extension of 26mm telescopic link, Glidelock folding buckle can link with 2mm per section amplitude Gradually extended to 20mm, adjusted without the use of tools to help, you can operate, even wearing a 7mm thick diving suit is still comfortable.
Wear-resistant scratch-resistant ceramic bezel
Appearance and 1967 Sea-Dweller 4000 is quite similar, but improved to black Cerachrom ceramic bezel, bezel minute scale on the use of PVD coating technology into the platinum film.
Patented telescopic buckle and links
Rolex Glidelock folding buckle can be chain with a range of 2mm per step to 20mm, telescopic link up to an additional extension of 26mm, even wearing a 7mm thick wetsuit is still comfortable to wear.