Rolex Sea-Dweller 4000 make the evaluation of the sea

Have you been waiting for a new Rolex type? Recently a new series of Rolex watches in the new, there is a famous professional diving watch sea to make the new version. The new model is the 116600, the 2014 section of the sea to make the appearance very close to the old section of the sea to make 16600 (which discontinued in 2008). Originally launched in 1967, the Seagull Watches was developed to meet the needs of saturated diving. Due to the active participation of the US Navy (through the SEALAB II program) and the French Comex divers, Rolex designed this watch to withstand extreme pressure and saturate helium valves in saturated diving.
As a ‘tool watch’ model, the Rolex Sea has become a diving watch the legendary, this new course will not break the success of the existing paradigm. The 116600 case is still 40mm in size, 904L stainless steel, no magnifying glass date display, 4000 feet waterproof (1220 M), improved in the CERACHROM bezel and Gildelock clasp (extended 26 mm bracelet length).

In many ways, the new Rolex type 4000 is similar to the Rolex Dwarf. Sea to 4000 waterproof 1220 meters, compared to 300 meters of water ghost water, with a thicker case and the table mirror. Although most people who will not really dive so deep, but Rolex always dive table to build their own applied to the most extreme conditions. Having said that, from a purely aesthetic point of view, the Rolex Sea type compared to the Rolex submariner calendar type has a great advantage, that is, you can have a magnifying glass window of the calendar.
Sea to 4000 watch used in the movement, with the 116610 submariner calendar (water ghost) the same Rolex 3135 movement. This movement has 48 hours of power reserve, with Parachrom hairspring and through the COSC certification. Sea-type with extreme water resistance, the main reason lies in its case and sapphire mirror than the water ghost thick. The water-proof capability of the sea just between the 1000 feet of water and the depth of the deep sea (DeSea) of 12,800 feet, just to make up for the gap between the two areas, for a certain part of the crowd.

Technically speaking, helium valve (HEV) is the sea to make the iconic feature, still in the case 9 o’clock position to find it. Tiny helium molecules in saturated diving process will seep into the watch, the process of floating helium diffuser will cause the expansion of the table pressure increases, may damage the watch. The helium discharge valve (HEV) expels the expansion gas from the housing, thereby protecting the watch from damaging the overall water resistance. Rolex once again to ensure that this beautiful luxury can accompany you to travel around the world to catch turtle.
Adjustable buckle strap

The Oyster 4000 is equipped with an oyster-type buckle that prevents accidental opening of the buckle, and a double-stretch system that is comfortable to wear even when worn in a 7-mm diving suit. Oyster discount chain extension can make the strap an additional extension of 26 mm, Rolex Glidelock buckle strap can be extended to 2 mm per section, up to about 20 mm, this fine-tuning function is very convenient, no longer There will be no more than a loose, less a tight feeling. Neither requires assistance with other tools.

The price is about 9,900 Swiss francs

Rolex 4000 to make the new model this spring to start selling, the US price of 10,400 US dollars. $ 10,400 price, the sea to make the new than with the shape is very similar to the submariner calendar type (water ghost) high of $ 1,500. Although this new sea to make the watch is perfect, but we are looking forward to the introduction of the 42 mm size of the sea, because if the introduction of the 42 mm size of the sea watch, it will be 40 mm water ghosts and 44 mm deep sea A very natural transition between the dimensions of a watch.