Rolex Sky-Dewller series

First released in 2012, the Rolex Sky-Dweller series of watches will certainly not meet all the tastes, after all, difficult to adjust, but it is the year the most innovative, most eye-catching Rolex watches, it is beyond doubt . Unlike what re-plate of the GMT watch, not a slight change in the design of the sea to make the watch, but not what Explorer series. Sky-Dewller from the inside to the outside are brand new, but from head to toe is still exudes Rolex unique atmosphere. One thing to say is that until today the word “Sky” is still the representative of the Rolex watch the most complex series, not only because of its appearance, the more important is the user’s point of view. All of these reasons, so there is no reason not to go in-depth look at this interesting series.
Sky-Dweller series is a sports watch it? Not exactly, but at the same time it is not a full dress table. Oyster-type constant series with more similar, such as the log-type or Sunday calendar type, it is more of a leisure-type watch, between the above two concepts. If so, in fact, or to sub-style, the following Xiaobian to take you to look at the same Sky-Dweller watches of the two different styles, namely: the movement of the atmosphere of the mainstream platinum black steel chain models (Model: 326939 ) And the suit for the occasion to wear a rose gold chocolate dial with belt models (Model: 328135).
Overall concept

In short, the Sky-Dweller series is the Rolex for those “have a personal career travelers” created. This is a time zone such as the second time display and date, month display function of the practical watch, really is to include the features are included, which also means that this series of watches can be with formal attire attending Formal occasions, but also with casual wear out. So do not regard it as a pilot watch, it is mainly for those who Rolex or for work, or for travel need to frequent access to people in various countries to build the watch.
Sky-Dweller series is also the most complex Rolex watches a series … of course, it is indeed very complex. However, Rolex has been focused on the use of functional products, not simply to complex and complex. Each function has its own meaning, not for fun or beautiful and deliberately to add. This also explains why the use of advanced technology Sky-Dweller series watch looks still so ordinary, because each function is from the reality, there is no fancy to speak of. “Sky” refers to, as most of the Oyster Perpetual Series watch the same, is a simple tool for the emergence of your life. Submariner series or sea to help divers to more effectively to complete the diving operation, Greenwich type to help the pilot across different time zones are still master the precise time, the yacht masters to help the crew at the right time to start their Rowing competition. Sky-Dweller, too, will be a unique and reliable partner for travelers. Said so much, the truth is very simple, that is, excluding complex type, everything is to make life easier for the main objective.
Sky-Dweller series watch the dial layout can be divided into three regions: local time, local time and calendar display. The first area is common: local time, which is the observer’s meridian time, which is located in the center of the dial three indicators (hour hand, minute hand and second hand). The second area is the local / reference time, indicated by a small bezel with a 24-hour mark.

Rolex chose to use a very intuitive way to display this feature, through two elements: a Rolex logo in the bottom of the red triangle, and a rotating 24-hour bezel. As shown in the following figure, the local time is 10:09 and the second time zone is 07:09. In general, reading time is extremely simple.
in conclusion

Once again, Rolex launched a very heart of the water so that all the timepieces. Although it looks very simple appearance, but it has a sufficient practical function, and it also redefines the new features of the watch calibration standards. Rolex is not playing with flowers, they have been easy to use, reliable quality as the goal to build its luxury products, and from Sky-Dweller who we actually appreciate this. It is not a high-level timepiece, with complex features such as a tourbillon for collectors or tycoons, or an accessory that takes days or even weeks to hand-craft. Rolex defines another concept, is used in daily life, can better assist our work or life of luxury products. This may explain why Rolex is one of the world’s most well-known watch brand of the bar.