Brand watch Rolex Sky-Dwelle

As Rolex is now the most complex watch in the sale, It’s brings together 11 patents, are involved in reliable precision, ergonomic and waterproof performance and other basic areas, to fully demonstrate the excellent rolex replica technology. In a very long period of time,before that because only precious metal watch, always let people unattainable. This year, it finally launched a platinum stainless steel watch.

Using 904L stainless steel and 18K white gold material, watch function, including the two time zone display, respectively, the central pointer to indicate the location of the time, 24-hour off-axis display departure time; calendar function, by Saros (Saros) calendar system automatically Distinguish between 30 days Satsuki and 31 days of the month; and Ring Command rotating outer ring, which is a simple operation of the interface to facilitate the wearer set the Sky-Dwelle watch function.Rolex

Oyster-style constant motion Sky-Dweller is equipped with dual time zone display, easy to read, and easy to operate. This watch can be simultaneously double time zone, that is, the central pointer to indicate the location of the time, off the axis to show the time to start, so Sky-Dweller read clear, and unique.

Sky-Dweller allows the wearer to adjust the watch to the desired time zone on the go, while also clearly showing the time of departure, such as the time of residence or resident. Suppose you live in Geneva, to travel to New York, then the departure time will be Geneva time, and the time will be New York time.

The time is indicated by the traditional central hour hand, minute hand and second hand. The hour hand can be adjusted independently, moving in units of one hour or counterclockwise, so it is easy to change the time, and the time of the adjustment does not affect the minute hand and the second hand Of the operation, it will not affect the departure time display. In addition, the Sky-Dwelle watch will not stop when the operation, to keep the time accurate.

This stainless steel section of the public price has not yet out, Sky-Dweller series of the price has been more than 30 million, the use of stainless steel and platinum combination of materials, watches in the price should be a substantial decline.