Rolex SKY-DWELLER calendar table

Fashion for the traditional watch brands, especially in the high-end watch brand, means more and more pressure, and the more achievements of the past, the glorious old and high-end brands, the more swaying in the fashion trend and adhere to the traditional Of the dilemma, although some people can be a good balance between the two, but most still continue to walk in the exploration of the road.
From the industry this year, the Rolex talked about criticism. These years, seeing the complexity of the so-called mechanical design and manufacture of the past more and more simple, and its long-term reliability of operation is no big problem, but has been limited to its simple, reliable, easy to operate the traditional location, not involved in complex tables, and Will this lucrative market in vain to let people. This year finally launched a SKY-DWELLER calendar table, but because in its classic oyster-style dial covered with “pit” attracted condemning one. Careful study, the table by simply rotating the bezel with the handle, you can adjust the calendar, when the two ordinary calendar, and the calendar year only need to adjust the complexity of the structure once, which means no small innovation, but the traditional “Lao fans” who are still vocal opposition. In fact, in addition to technical innovation, this year the number of Rolex uses a new color gemstones decorated with rainbow-like bezel as DAYTONA as well as in the combination of traditional and trendy to get more precise between the “little brother” Tudor new , Not only for the company to become the most eye-catching company in Basel, but also to other higher-brand positioning is difficult to keep up with its sudden acceleration of the rhythm.