Rolex Submariner watch

Estimated price: $ 10,000 to $ 15,000
With Commission Price: 26,400 US dollars (about 180,312 yuan)


Case diameter 40 mm, thickness 14 mm, whole body length 200 mm. Case number 2437625, model 1680, manufactured in 1970, sold November 27, 1971, good quality, rare, self-winding, waterproof function, the central second hand, stainless steel three-piece case, polished and frosted, Sapphire Watch, Date Enlargement Device, Black Dial, Red “Su bma riner” word, 3 o’clock position date display, luminous material Filled Mercedes-Benz pointer, stainless steel Rolex Oyster strap, with Tiffany watch box, sales invoices and a 1971 Rolex catalog.

【Movement Configuration】

1570 movement, rhodium-plated, fish-scale polished, 26 rubies, linear lever escapement, a single metal balance wheel by the temperature and 5-way precision calibration, shock absorber, self-compensation without card degrees Breguet-style gossamer, Stop seconds device, dial, case and movement are with signature.

【Product Report】

3 (very good), dial 3 (very good), 10 (slightly rust), pointer 01 (original); movement 3 * (very good, recommended a comprehensive inspection movement, the buyer pay); Evaluation of AAA (excellent).


1680 is the Rolex in 1968 for the first time with a date display SubMARINER, the time span of about 20 years, after being waterproof even better (up to 300 meters) 16800 replaced, the movement from the original Cal.1570 transition to Cal.3035. Rolex “Scarlet” (often referred to as the “Red Guy”) 1680 production year concentrated in the late 60s and early 70s (around 1970), in many 1680 submarine is particularly rare . This is a special edition with Tiffany & Co. Annotations, and it is the exception of the Scarlet Letter. The price is also sought after. Found an interesting phenomenon: the ordinary Scarlet Letter (including the majority of Submariner watches) waterproof data are meters (ft) in front, m (m) in the back, while the individual “Scarlet Letter” in the meter is used in meters The first design, 200m = 660ft, is called “Meter First” (Meter First).