Rolex watches produced by a comprehensive increase in the accuracy

ROLEX watches produced by a comprehensive increase in the accuracy
ROLEX in last year’s Basel Watch Fair published with a new 3255 self-made movement of the new Day-Date 40 mm watch at the same time, also announced the use of this new watch and 3255 movement, precision beyond COSC The latest internal certification standards, the daily error of only -2 / +2 seconds. Just recently, Rolex quietly extended this certification standards to all Superlative Chronometer Certification of the table, which means that the future of all Oyster Rolex watches and Chellini in the factory will be through the daily error only – 2 / + 2 seconds of strict internal testing standards.

Rolex has no compromise on the accuracy of the insistence, since 1970 each year in the C.O.S.C. Swiss official Observatory certified number of watches every year topped the crown. And all have passed the COSC in Biel and Saint-Imier two laboratory accredited movement, and then sent back to Rolex factory shell, will be in the form of the form to go through a more stringent standard factory inspection procedures as COSC certification Supplement, that is, in the face plate “Superlative Chronometer Officially Certified” the meaning of the words.

Although this set of strict internal testing procedures have been in place for years, but the behavior has always been low-key Rolex has never officially announced the details of this internal testing procedures. According to foreign media reports, Rolex in the factory built a set of the most advanced equipment and certification procedures for the completion of these assembled into a table for testing, including the simulation is really wearing a test project, Rolex said the test of the Purpose can make the watch in the simulation of real life environment to wear the actual state. In addition, the automatic detection program can also detect the watch’s waterproof, automatic winding function and power reserve to confirm the reliability of all watches, durability, as well as the ability to withstand magnetic and shock. And now the error of -2 / +2 seconds of ultra-high precision will become the latest standard of this internal testing procedures, not only beyond the error of -4 / +6 seconds COSC certification, but also beyond the daily error -3 / +5 seconds of GS certification, including all Oyster oyster-style and Cellini Cherini watch, once again polished face plate “Superlative” sign.
ROLEX watches  improve the accuracy of the overall production (click image flip)

OMEGA, which has recently introduced a new internal certification standard, has established an internal certification process in accordance with METAS, an independent federal measurement agency, with an accuracy of 0 / + 5 seconds per day. However, this certification program is mainly for the brand’s Co-Axial Master Chronometer equipped with movement of the watch, like last year’s Globemaster series, not all apply to all the watch series. And each year more than 800,000 watches through the Observatory standard certification Rolex, Swiss watch production in the current watch brand, the accuracy of performance is still no one can out of its right.