Tepid popular , but it is the most elegant of a Rolex

Rolex diving watch classic pottery ring is also Jiaoren put it down, but its other series – Cellini, over the years have maintained a tepid heat, neither will be particularly fond of, It will not be annoying … Does it really should be classified into “moderate” it? In fact, the Italian goldsmith artist and the Vatican sculptor Benevento Cellini named Celini, it touches on the old Deng to see the impression is not the same Rolex.
Lao Deng Aspect One: literally like a white pool in the pond

In the past, Cellini Time, the face plate of black-faced, rose gold and mother-of-pearl has been tried. Cellini Time comes with white lacquer and black lacquered face plate, which is distinguished from rose gold standard. Of the sword-shaped pointer, case side by side, is a combination of never tired. Simple and neat face plate is Cellini Time unbeaten classic elements, 39mm face plate to remove the unnecessary complexity. This time there is a small adjustment, originally served as the 12 o’clock mark when the Rolex logo from the 12 o’clock position to move out independently, so the new Cellini Time to take a complete 12 time scale.
Old Deng Aspect 2: sword go Pianfeng, pointer sonorous and powerful

2016 Cellini Time time scale from the original diamond version to Rolex exclusive eternal rose gold material to create a slender slender rod type, the outer double-layer time scale, three-dimensional time scale from a different point of view are very engaging, even less Diamond still without losing a sense of gorgeous. The minute mark is taken with the face plate into one way, no additional frame out of the minute track, so that the overall face plate visual presentation is more concise. Rolex is the industry’s ability to own a small number of precious metals refining brand, and the change after the Cellini Time, can clearly see the Rolex put a lot of home-made raw materials in them. Cellini Time with the brand exclusive formula of eternal rose gold, in the smelting process in particular by adding a small amount of pure platinum, not only can make the finished color more beautiful and moving, the Cellini Time simple but yet gorgeous style to play to the fullest.
Lao Deng Aspect 3: eternal 39mm case

39mm This size should be the size of the most suitable for Asians to wear, mainly for the most widely used. 2015 version of the Cellini Time, its 39mm case a total of 62 diamonds studded with a single outer ring or 96 diamonds inlaid two outer ring, Tuhao debut temperament is very prominent. The Cellini Time to magnify the eternal rose gold case decorated with triangular pit pattern outer ring, the overall performance in no way inferior, but also one of the biggest difference. With a screw-in dome-shaped bottom cover, to ensure water depth of 50 meters, as Rolex solid and elegant image. Slender polished lugs, round arched sapphire crystal, movement 3132,48 hours power reserve. Each Cellini Time are COSC certified, the time is also the strength of labor, not to mention.