The new Rolex Air King highlights the quality and value for money

Air King series for the old friends should be no stranger to a simple summary is that it was Rolex’s entry-level series, in 2014 it was incorporated into the Oyster series of constant action, thought its history has been the end, did not expect in 2016 Basel watch show in the years and rebirth, although it is not the same as the previous Air King, but it really belongs to the Air King, it was in the aviation history of the name, price close to the people of the Air King.

2016 Basel Watch Fair, Rolex most interested me is not a ceramic ring Daytona, nor is the new Chellini, but the rebirth of the Air King type, that golden crown and green ROLEX two-color LOGO design, belonging to Rolex for the first time in history, but also all of a sudden attracted a lot of people’s attention. Mercedes-Benz needle design with 3,6,9 when the standard design, at first glance thought it was Rolex’s new explorer-type watch, this watch has too many elements worth digging, in accordance with the style of Rolex has always been , The disclosure of the news is just the tip of the iceberg, this empty Pa worth digging deep, because it meets my aesthetic.

Rolex Air King series was born in 1945, after the end of World War II, founder of Rolex Hans Wilsdorf to honor the Battle of the British Royal Air Force pilots a series of aviation-themed watches. Air King series in which is the only surviving to the present series, Air King series has now been 71 years of history, the new Air King continuation of the original models of the aviation origin of the watch.

Is not the feeling and our new Air King is very similar, this is the world’s fastest sports car cockpit instrument, “Bloodhound” supersonic sports car, Rolex sponsors blood hunting dog supersonic racing project official timing partner, In 2014 for the project customization of the above two car instrumentation, I believe this is the new air tyrants disk design blueprint.

Mercedes-Benz needle is not a new Air King alone, in the explorers, submarines and other series are used, but it is the first use of air-Pa Benz-pin design, platinum Mercedes-Benz needle design for empty Pa is now Good and bad, like the Mercedes-Benz pin friend naturally feel good, and vice versa, this is the Air King series rebirth after an attempt.

Two-color LOGO

Two-color LOGO design watch in the history of Rolex is unique, this is the first time in the watch with Rolex gold crown logo and green ROLEX font, which can also be seen from the Rolex brand watch for which the expectations, it will not Will become the next green ghost?

Magnetically shielded

This is the first anti-magnetic Air King series of watches, the magnetic properties in the official press release, although only a band, but this is for the majority of workers will not be so negligent in the past, this is not to grab the MILGAUSS thunder?


Personal feeling is a bit like the new explorer and MILGAUSS fit, give up some elements, add some elements. The new empty one for the new probe a diameter of one millimeter, but the 3,6,9 hour mark and no luminous display, a new exploration in this area has an absolute advantage, compared to the new air probe a new advantage is With anti-magnetic function, as the disk design of the new Air King complex, a new exploration of a partial simplicity, each has its own merits, the price of a new exploration than the new one empty lost.

New Air King and MILGAUSS, I’ll say it, MILGUASS the biggest advantage is the design of lightning needles, other      areas have no obvious advantages, but the price has to be high on a lot, so personally feel that the new air blanket for MILGAUSS is a Very serious threat.

Summary: watch as a new series of Air King after the first watch, we can see that Rolex gave it a lot of special significance, personal feel the only regret is that the time scale does not have the luminous display function, if the standard time and With a luminous function, that is a perfect for.