The reason of Rolex watches are not allowed to go and maintenance

Rolex watches as the world watches has been favored by everyone, so when the Rolex watch problems, we are very sad. In order to avoid the emergence of Rolex watches such as the problem of travel time are not allowed in daily life, how should we repair and maintenance? The following together to follow the Crown Asia Hengda Rolex watches designated repair center, to understand the reasons for the Rolex watches are not allowed to travel time and when there is no time how to repair.
Rolex watches are not allowed to go reason:
1, the crown of Asia Hengda Rolex watches designated service center Zhan master said: Rolex mechanical watches allow the error of 30 seconds per day -45 seconds or so, the Rolex quartz watch in 15 seconds -30 seconds, but the specific error may also be with their environment and Temperature and other circumstances. Therefore, Rolex watches in the daily wear process, there is a small error can be understood, you do not worry anxious.
2, Rolex watches in the wear process to avoid contact with the magnetic field, or on the magnetic field can produce electrical appliances or magnetic objects next to the move may lead to Rolex watches are not allowed to go, or even normal operation, Master soon advised: Rolex watches must be away from the magnetic field!
3, Rolex mechanical watches need to produce enough to swing the wearer to Rolex watches winding “on the strength”, if not sleep at night, you can Rolex mechanical watch repeated swing about 1 minute to supplement the kinetic energy to ensure that the next wear When walking accurately. Rolex quartz watches are required to regularly replace the battery and maintenance of watches.
4, Rolex mechanical watches are not allowed to go more likely to be bumped Rolex watches, watch movement gear dislocation, watch by the magnetic, hold a long time to dry mud and other causes. Warm reminder: Rolex watches in the wear process, we must avoid bump and long hold.
Rolex watches are not allowed to go when the repair:
1, independent investigation Rolex watches are not allowed to go the reason, according to the reasons for maintenance.
2, do not know why Rolex watches are not allowed to travel the case, it is recommended that you will be sent to a professional Rolex watch repair center for fault detection. Crown Asia Hengda Rolex watch repair center for professional testing of Rolex watches, its unique Swiss imports of testing equipment is your best choice for maintenance testing Rolex watches. Do not disassemble to detect!
Rolex watches are not allowed to go, and sometimes go slow or even shut down. The problem is that people have to wear the table to face the problem. Spend a high price to buy a watch, even if there is no appreciation of space, at least when it should be accurate, but even the basic errors are within the error of the watch, which is too far-fetched some. In this regard, I hope you can understand three points.
First, the objective sense, love the table who need to understand the accuracy of the watch. Watch no mechanical watch or quartz watch there are some errors, oscillation system (including the escapement system and the balance spring balance system) coordination and stability is to determine its precision travel time can be a major factor. The movement of their own hardware problems, can not be avoided, only effective maintenance to reduce the error.
Second, from the external factors, the temperature, magnetic field, the impact of interference is an important factor in watch accuracy. Temperature changes will affect the length of the work of the watch gossamer, change the inertia of the balance wheel will directly affect the timing accuracy of the watch; magnetic field for the impact of the watch we are more familiar with mechanical steel sheet, Round, etc., copper materials are susceptible to magnetic, so the daily process of wearing away from the magnetic field is very necessary, it is urgent.
Third, the mechanical watch on the chain is not full or not wear can not make the watch energy is fully released, the watch in the factory before the test is in accordance with the state of daily life, including arm swing, daily friction, the external environment. If you often sit in the office, then your watch is not accurate excursion is no excuse, no energy to provide it how can it work?
If you understand the above three points, or can not meet the watch’s travel time accuracy, it can choose to after-sale maintenance, so precise tuning, changing the wobble of the watch, making the watch in line with the wearer’s daily life.