Why the people will choose Rolex though they do not undersatand the watch?

1.Brand power

Rolex entered China’s senior watch market was earlier. On the grade, Rolex is no better than Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin this level of brand, but when it comes to brand influence, Rolex is superior. As the senior watch market into China earlier, and frequently appeared in Hong Kong’s film and television works, the hearts of people as early as Rolex positioning as “the rich wearing the table.” So, when that part of the people who get rich first master of the wealth, even if do not understand the table, will be very determined to start with Rolex, a symbol of identity ah. You wear a PP, it is estimated that do not know how to appreciate, but to see that the crown logo Rolex, understand the table should know that it is Rolex, know you are a rich man.

2.Excellent quality, buy a rest assured

If I am a person who does not understand the table, I will not buy a watch in the end before the study is what waterproof structure, the movement of how much swing frequency, the number of gemstones. Please, do not talk to me about this, say people. I only care about those who wear gold watch for a long time will not fade, a few years after the time when the watch is not allowed, and so on. Rolex has done a good job on these areas, the quality of all to see, so you do not have to study, to see friends wearing Rolex around, for several years did not have any problems. Buy a good tens of thousands of watches, you do not want to buy poor quality, so the final choice of the Rolex, to map a mind at ease.

3.Technology skills, materials assured

So many years, Rolex insist on using self-produced movement, and these movements are certified by the Observatory. If you do not know what the Observatory certification, it does not matter, you can tell when the watch is not allowed to go on it. Through the Observatory certified movement, there are two special, accurate and stable travel time. We buy a table, will use it to look at the time, mechanical watches are not allowed to go, does a great impact. The Rolex, whether tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of models, the movement is not very different, the same “quasi”, reassuring. Speaking of materials, whether it is steel or gold, Rolex never vague. Steel with 904L steel, and indeed gold is gold, and never play what gold-plated, gold. If one day the main table with a short money Oh, with a Rolex gold watch can be exchanged for a few money. Said these two points, is to say that Rolex is to give people the feeling that it is not playing virtual. Those who do not understand the table, not to study a lot of inner watch the meticulous things, but more concerned about those visible, tangible reality.