Why this Rolex watch is the world’s most famous?

This Rolex Submariner may be the world’s most famous table, some people say that if you talk about “diving table” without mentioning Submariner, this dialogue is not complete.

This is a table originally designed for divers, can be waterproof to 330 meters underwater, you can also prevent all kinds of bullets. When the 1950s came out, it was worth $ 150, and today it costs $ 8,500. Submariner 5513 Rolex is the only ever produced a table without interruption, and this watch design, over the years, almost no change, because enough classic.

Submariner’s evolutionary history is also due to four films in 007, the first 007 “Goldfinger”, James Bond in a nightclub on a cigarette, and then looked at the time Submariner, this time is important because He planted a bomb at the underground base of heroin. Four movies, Submariner are in addition to James Bond than the quasi-“male II.” Christie in New York in 2011 this auction only appeared in 007 Submariner, the final transaction to 19,8000 US dollars.
This table is how the birth? In 1953, the French diver Jacques Cousteau wrote a book called The Silent World, recording his years of exploration of the underwater world, the book was then made into an Oscar-winning film, from there, Wave after wave of people who love diving. Rolex responded quickly, immediately launched the Submariner watch.

Like 007 such Hollywood blockbusters, countless advertisers flocked to the hope that their brand even if there are two seconds and the hero at the same time appear in the film, such as Submariner can appear in four films in the brand, has long been easily captured into the Thousands of ordinary fans, including celebrities in Hollywood. From the earliest Steve McQueen (American actor, known as the cold prince), Robert Redford (American actor, Sundance Film Festival founder), to the hot Adam Levine (Maroon5 vocals), and Sharon Stone (American actor).

In addition to having a good function, the popular watch is also rooted in its “wild.” “You can wear a suit wearing a Submariner, you can wear shorts to wear it.I like it because it can and I have any style of clothes with.” Maroon5 lead Adam commented.

Now Submariner does not need to appear in 007, replaced by Omega.